Watch out London - Lindsay Lohan is coming to town!

According to the Daily Mirror, the Mean Girls star is ready to lay down roots after falling in love with the capital.

She has been spending a lot of time in the UK since finishing her stint in rehab last year, and now wants something more permanent than a hotel suite.

One person who will probably welcome the move is reality TV star Tom Kibey, who has been cosying up with the flame-haired beauty in recent weeks.

''I met Lindsay four years ago through mutual friends when I was working in LA," he told the Mirror.

''She's actually really down to earth and cool. I think she likes the scene over here.''

News of her impending move across the Atlantic comes just days after it was reported that the beleaguered actress feels let down by America.

Celebrity news site RadarOnline claims that she feels overexposed and under constant scrutiny on her home soil.

"Lindsay's convinced everyone in America is out to get her, but she's had the opposite experience in London," a source said.

"She loves British culture and says people have treated her with respect for the first time in years. Now she's looking into the immigration process and planning a full-time relocation."

It's been a turbulent few months for the 27-year-old, who has previously battled with drink and drugs, and with her career prospects looking brighter in London the relocation is looking even more tempting.

"While in London, she's had a bunch of business meetings about modeling and TV gigs and for the first time in months things are looking up," the insider added