After her father Michael allegedly claimed that she was pregnant last week(27 July), the Mean Girl star's mother, Dina Lohan, insists her daughter lied about expecting a baby to make her ex-fiance Egor Tarabasov jealous.

The reality star, 53, claims her daughter "overreacted" after splitting from millionaire fiance. The star's mother added that Lindsay had been an "emotional wreck" since the split so pretended that she was expecting, reports TMZ.

The Mean Girls star recently triggered the pregnancy rumour after tweeting and then deleting a photo of herself with a fake baby bump from her 2009 film Labour Pains. She wrote: "I am pregnant".

Further concerns were then sparked when Mail Online revealed photos of the 30-year-old smoking and carrying a beer bottle on a yacht (23 July) in Sardinia.

Last week, Lindsay's father Michael revealed that his daughter sent him a text saying: "Daddy, I'm pregnant." When speaking to The Mirror, he said: "She tells me she is and I have no reason not to believe her... I was a little bit taken aback, but it was to be expected. She's 30-years-old. She wants to have babies. She loves kids. She's had relationships with people in the past who have children and she's very close to them. She's got a very maternal instinct."

The actress accused Tarabasov of cheating on her with their friend Dasha Pashevkina and police were called after a furious argument between the two occurred in their London home (26 July). A source told US weekly that the police had to force entry into their home, after Lindsay accused her ex-fiance of trying to kill her. The source said: "There was no one inside but enquiries were made and the occupants were traced and found to be safe and well."

According to Us Weekly, the former child actress also shared a video on Snapchat on 22 July, saying: "My fiancé's being really angry at me, but I'm drinking water to get him to come home. Honey, come home, please." She captioned the video: 'ET phone home'. Despite their huge row, Dina claims the pair are still engaged but is taking some time apart from him.

Earlier in April, Lohan and Tarabasov had announced the news of their engagement after dating for eight months.