In this week's A-List Insider:

Kevin Hart is Engaged! The Ride Along star proposed to his long-time girlfriend Eniko Parrish on her 30th birthday in front of family and close friends.

The comedian dished the news on Instagram by sharing a snap of his ecstatic new fiancé showing off her huge rock.

Justin Bieber has done it, Bill Gates has done it and now Ben Affleck has had ice water poured over his head for a good cause.

The Hollywood actor completed the ice bucket challenge after being nominated by Film producer Tyler Perry.

In a hilarious clip posted on Facebook, Ben challenges Jimmy Kimmel, Neil Patrick Harris and Matt Damon before taking down his unsuspecting wife, Jennifer garner and his kids found it just as funny as we did.

This viral trend aims to raise awareness and money for Lou Gehrig's disease.

Although President Obama turned down Justin Beiber's nomination, he did pledge to make a donation.

And finally it looks like Chris Brown and Karreuche are back together –again!

The on-again-off- again couple reunited at a charity football game in L.A. this weekend and looked all loved up despite reports that they currently hate each other's guts.

According to TMZ, Karreuche decided to take him back because he managed to convince her that he is loyal and did not have sex with multiple women when he left her to go partying in St Tropez.

He sealed the deal by telling her we would slow down partying and treat her better.