dead parrot
The driver from Liverpool revealed a dying parrot tucked inside his jacket to a cyclist he had allegedly cut up Youtube / Koora Moora

It is the type of bizarre scenario you would expect to see in a Monty Python sketch.

But a cyclist has recorded the strange response he got after confronting a driver that had apparently cut him up.

A video published on YouTube shows the driver pass the cyclist on a residential road in Liverpool.

The cyclist raises his hand in disbelief before pedalling furiously to catch up with the car and ruffle his feathers about the manouevre.

After catching up with the motorist at a red light the cyclist said to the driver: "Can you give us a bit more room next time please?"

But he probably was not prepared for the response he got.

Revealing a parrot stuffed insiude his jacket, the man said: "I'm sorry, I've got a parrot dying on me."

Youtube / LiverpoolCycling (matthew6476)

One Twitter user posted his reaction to the video: