A dog walker discovered what purports to be the "carcass" of the mythical Loch Ness Monster on the loch's shore in Inverness, Scotland. The remains included bones, a long neck and what appeared to be intestines, prompting debate around the town of Inverness and beyond as people immediately rubbished the claims.

After the photos of "Nessie" were shared on the Help2Rehome Facebook page, after the skeleton reportedly had been discovered by the dog walker on Wednesday (29 June), people began describing what they thought it could be, with one user commenting:

"This is the worst attempt I have ever seen may as well have just emptied a few cans of baked beans into an old seagull skeleton!!"

However, several people said the carcass could be real, as social-media user Jamie Hill said: "To those 'experts' saying this is fake, I've studied animal necrosis for 6 years (1st Oxford and MSc) and can tell you this scenario is entirely real and does tally with stages of decomposition of larger amphibious reptiles.

"Reptiles are incredibly sensitive to the pH level in their environment and this is enhanced in water due to the complete coverage. There are many documented cases of skin being totally dissolved of creatures."

However, rumour-checking website Snopes settled the debate, telling readers that the carcass was simply a set-up from a TV show, stating: "The Loch Ness Monster's skeletal remains were not found on the shores of Scotland this week. They will, however, make their small-screen debut in an upcoming TV show."

Various "sightings" of the legendary monster have been reported over the years, with people claiming to have seen movement in the water – and thorough investigations of the loch have been carried out, one of which looked into the discovery of a large object, only to find that it was a prop from an old film.

Posted by Help2Rehome Scotland on Wednesday, June 29, 2016