Logan Paul is already planning his next move after his scheduled fight with the undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather this year, as he expresses his interest to spar with actor Chris Hemsworth.

The YouTuber reacted to a video uploaded this week of the "Thor" star boxing in the gym, presumably as part of his training routine to keep fit for his movie roles. The clip sees the Australian star looking absolutely ripped and ready for an actual fight.

Netizens who passed the video around on Twitter also praised his quick movements and powerful jabs. The clip eventually found its way to Paul, who immediately proclaimed that he will fight Hemsworth next.

"I'll fight him after Mayweather," he tweeted.

I’ll fight him after mayweather https://t.co/kIqkYlb9fz

— Logan Paul (@LoganPaul) January 2, 2021

A boxing match between the 25-year-old Internet celebrity and the actor may not even see the light of day. Marvel may not be too keen to see the 36-year-old Hollywood star throwing fists and injuring himself, even if it is for an exhibition fight only.

Paul, on the other hand, does not only make a living doing videos on YouTube but also in contact sports. He and his brother, Jake, have turned to boxing as a lucrative business. Paul is even scheduled to spar with Mayweather on Feb. 20 with pay per view streams that cost $59.99.

Bets are high that Mayweather will win against Paul, who has not had any professional boxing experience. Nonetheless, their match is sure to gain a lot of interest and both fighters will take home a good amount of money. It will also be another lucrative exposure for the Youtuber.

"Fam, that is IF you make it out alive from the rim after ur fight with Maywhether... just ensure you make it out alive somehow," one fan commented on Paul's boxing challenge to Hemsworth.

The god of thunder no chance buddy pic.twitter.com/Kphh5N2x4O

— Leon Fraser (@Leonfraser2114) January 3, 2021

"You know that not everyone that trains with the pads wants to fight someone?" another wrote.

Hemsworth has yet to respond to Paul's interest to fight him in the ring. It is unlikely that the actor will take his tweet seriously though, as he has his movie career to focus on.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul expresses interest to fight Chris Hemsworth in the boxing ring. Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images