High-street retailer Topshop Unique unveiled a rebellious 2016 spring/summer collection at London Fashion Week. The collection had a quintessential British theme, with models dressed for garden parties, and summer days at the cricket.

But there was more to these girls than pretty floral patterns and delicate designs. They also had a rebellious streak, with revealing tops, plunging necklines, and thigh flashing skirts. Speaking about the future of the Topshop brand, Director of Arcadia Group that owns Topshop, Sir Philip Green said he's always looking for opportunities to tap into other markets.

''We're just, we're just started in India last week, online. You know we're looking all the time to see how we can develop the brand and at the same time control where we're going, so different markets, different products. We've just signed a deal to open another 25 shops in Australia, so you know we were the first one there. We opened in New Zealand, so we're doing a lot,'' said Green.

London Fashion Week brings together celebrities and industry experts, and on the front row of this show was Vogue editor Anna Wintour, who described the collection as a "sexy run out, buy it now" collection.

''I thought it was really enchanting, lots of seventies little print dresses. I loved the prints and all the graphic motifs. But I thought it was a very wearable , sexy run out, buy it right now collection,'' said Wintour, wearing a Michael Kors dress and her signature style sunglasses.

''I don't understand colours and seasons anymore because it seems that they show winter clothes in the summer, and summer clothes in the Fall, so I think I don't really worry about seasons anymore, fashion has become totally seasonless,'' Wintour added in response to being asked about the clothes colour palette.

The high street label's creative director, Kate Phelan, said the collection was about fusing the old with the new, and making each woman feel like they have their very own fashion footprint. ''It's having the heritage of the old, and then bringing the new together, so it really is about a girl who plays on her style and uses her fashion to create her own individual look. And we really wanted the girls to feel like they were their own girls,'' said Phelan.

It may be a spring summer look, but some of the garments were inspired with the great British weather in mind, known for its unpredictability. "It's you know, somewhere it's cold and somewhere it's hot in the world, you know. But I think you know, our obsession with the British weather as well, you know. So it was sort of quite funny playing with that idea of like you know, you do need a jumper, you do need a raincoat, you know, you do need to keep warm so you need to be able to peel off those layers as well,'' added Phelan.

Fashion doyenne Vivienne Westwood, heritage British fashion house Burberry and accessories brand Anya Hindmarch are all showcasing their collections during London Fashion Week. The five day fashion extravaganza ends on 22 September.