Several letters containing white powder and racist abuse have been sent to a number of mosques across London, sparking an investigation by counter terrorism officers. The suspicious notes were sent to mosques in Tottenham, Leyton and Finsbury Park.

The letters were delivered on Thursday (7 July), the same day Lord Ahmed of Rotherham received an envelope containing white powder and a racist message. It was later found to be harmless.

The North East Counter Terrorism Unit confirmed to IBTimes UK that the packages are being treated as a hoax at this time. No arrests have yet been made and inquiries are underway.

The note sent to both Lord Ahmed and Masjid Ayesha in Tottenham both contained the words "Paki filth". One letter also showed a hand-drawn mosque which had been crossed out.

The mosques were closed as officials dressed in hazard suits and special breathing equipment investigated the suspicious substance.

A similar delivery of white powder and slurs were sent to Noor Ul Islam mosque in Leyton and the Muslim welfare house in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, according to an Evening Standard report.

Walthamstow MP Stella Creasy sent a message condemning the delivery. She wrote on Twitter: "Whoever sent E10's noor Ul Islam suspicious package know I will press the police for the strongest penalties possible when you are caught."

Noor Ul Islam Trust issued a statement on Facebook on 8 July to reassure the community. It said: "On 7th July the Noor Ul Islam head office received an envelope in the post that contained white powder and offensive language. The Trust immediately contacted the Police who arrived and to ensure the safety of trustees, staff and users, cordoned off the main office."

It added: "Specialist officers attended and the contents of the package were examined. They were found to be not noxious or suspicious. The incident was stood down at around 15:45hrs."