A toddler fell into the gap between a train and the platform at the Baker street underground tube station in London.

The three-year-old girl is believed to have fallen in the gap in an attempt to board the train, which was stationary at the time of the fall.

The girl was with her nanny and a younger sibling when the incident occurred, "while her carer's back was turned," according to Evening Standard.

An eyewitness told the Evening Standard: "The little girl was waiting with an adult and another smaller child and was getting ready to board the train.

"There's a gap on the platform where the track bends around and she fell into that gap. Some gaps are big enough for me to fit in."

Nearby passengers were quick to pull the girl back up to safety. The girl did not suffer any major injuries, however, she was left with a bruise to her forehead after her head hit the metal footplate of the train.

A Transport for London (TfL) spokesperson confirmed that as a precautionary move, the girl was still taken to the hospital.

Meanwhile, London Underground's Operations Director, Steve White, released the following statement: "Yesterday afternoon a young girl fell between a train and the platform at Baker Street station.

"An investigation is underway, but it seems that while her carer's back was turned, the girl stepped into the gap between the platform and train. The train was stationary throughout and the girl was pulled out straight away. Our staff made sure that she was taken to hospital as a precaution."

In a similar incident last week, a woman was dragged between the train and the tracks at the Clapham South London underground station during morning rush hour after her coat got stuck in the train doors as it was pulled away.

Soon after the incident, commuters took to social media to express their shock after the incident resulted in huge delays and a shut down of services on the London Underground Northern Line between Kennington and Morden.

Mick Cash, leader of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, had said: "RMT is awaiting the outcome of the investigations by the Office for Rail Regulation. RMT warned that there were dangerous gaps between the platforms and the trains with this rolling stock.

"This incident again exposes the lethal nonsense of cutting station staff on the underground network."