Nundos: Britain's first pop-up entirely staffed by nuns Joe Pepler/PinPep

East London is often considered to be ahead of the curve when it comes to new food trends.

However, a pop-up restaurant by an order of nuns has made heads turn in a city that has seen just about every culinary fad.

Self-styled as "Nundos", the pop-up will open its doors from 17 to 19 October in Shoreditch, the epicentre of trendy east London.

Run by sisters from the Daughters of Divine Charity, a convent situated in Swaffham, Norfolk, the "nun-powered" restaurant will offer to customers "food for the soul" – chicken soup, sandwiches and lentil broth.

As you might expect from a religious order, the food will be totally free and its guests will be encouraged to "relax, slow down and take stock of their lives".

And don't even think about Instagramming your food. The nuns are strongly advising patrons to leave their phones aside and talk to fellow diners and take part in "life affirming exercises and soul-searching activities".

The restaurant's launch coincides with a new Channel 5 series 'Bad Habits, Holy Orders.' It is believed to be the first time that the Daughters of Divine Charity have allowed themselves to be filmed for broadcast.

London has seen plenty of other outrageous food trends in recent years. In 2016 London saw the launch of an avocado-themed diner aimed at brunch-obsessed millennials.

2016 also saw the return of Bunyadi, a fully natural restaurant where even even clothes were deemed to be 'optional'. Bunyadi, meaning 'natural' in Hindi, divides its restaurant into two sections - one where diners are clothed and one area where patrons eat naked.

Nundos staff
Nuns from the Daughters of Divine Charity, situated in Norfolk, England. Joe Pepler/PinPep