There are instances wherein a game grows in popularity to a point wherein it becomes a household name. As such, the franchise often attracts other companies hoping to take advantage of the hype and promote its own brand. These are mostly limited to more affordable products such as action figures, apparel, books, and other similar items. However, is comes as a big surprise to learn that Louis Vuitton has partnered with Riot Games to craft a fashionable line of products that will cater to "League of Legends" fans. However, it seems that the LVxLoL collection might have a limited appeal.

There are a total of 34 products that make up the collection. Just as the branding suggests, the pricing is clearly on the high-end spectrum, which will be prohibitive for most gamers. In fact, even the most avid fan of the MOBA will think twice after seeing the prohibitive cost of ownership. Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton does have a specific market in mind when it comes to its offerings.

Other than the premium pricing, some items in the LVxLoL collection may not be recognisable to who play the game. Perhaps, the keyholder/bag charm, T-shirt, and T-shirt dress are the only ones that somehow visually bear some elements related to "League of Legends." On the other hand, the rest seem dominated by the iconic LV monogram on every surface. In fact, there's hardly anything that connects it to the popular MOBA franchise.

An example pointed out by GameSpot is the LVxLoL Diamond Bracelet, which is fashioned from calf leather with the brand's monogram canvas. Rounding off this fashion accessory is a brass metal charm with a gold finish alongside gold-plated hardware. At $349, only a fan will notice that the dangling LV Circle charm resembles Qiyana's weapon.

Given that LV is a luxury brand, the prices indicated on its product page are in line with most of its other products. The cheapest is the $170 LVxLoL Monogram BB Bandeau and the LVxLOL leather biker jacket with a range-topping $5,650. Those who are in the market for a smart wearable might want to consider the Connected Watch Tambour Horizon Monogram Brown 42, which retails for $3,050. Overall the "League of Legends" apparel collaboration is not for everyone.

Louis Vuitton introduces the LVxLoL Collection
Riot Games is collaborating with Louis Vuitton for the LVxLoL collection. Photo: Louis Vuitton