Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 5
Stevie J and Mimi Faust confronts Promise B Mae about her baby's father VH1

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta season 5 is bringing high viewership numbers for VH1 but season 6 cast rumours are sending shockwaves among fans. A website devoted to hip hop has reported that VH1 is planning to fire the entire cast for its upcoming season to include a complete new set of celebrities.

According to All Hip Hop, the producers are planning to add a "star-studded lineup," but are reportedly facing difficulty in doing so. The authenticity of the rumours is still dubious as neither the network nor the producers have confirmed the firing rumours.

However, it does sound weird that VH1 will take such a risk, especially when the show's lead celebrity participants, Stevie J, his alleged wife Joseline Hernandez and former girlfriend Mimi Faust are churning out drama to fans glued to their show.

In the previous episodes, Faust realised her mistake of not trusting Stevie, who fathered her daughter Eva, when Promise B Mae attempted to malign the record producer's character by accusing him of fathering a daughter with her.

However, it was the Puerto Rican Princess, who made Faust believe Promise's lies but it seems she will soon have to face Stevie's wrath. In the previous episode, the American record producer already denied ever marrying Joseline.

The popular reality show will return with episode 12 on 27 June and the synopsis suggests that Stevie will take his revenge by ganging up with the entertainer's rivals while she keeps defending her claims on the legitimacy of her wedding with Stevie.

The official synopsis reads: Tammy has to face the truth when Waka's indiscretions hit the blogs. While Joseline defends the legitimacy of her marriage, Stevie decides to work with one of her rivals. Joc violates the bro code. J-Nicks and Tiarra decide to take their relationship to the next level.