tyla carr
Tyla Carr was a contestant on Love Island ITV

Love Island's Tyla Carr and Mike Thalassitis have split just one week after vowing to give their romance a go, and according to reports, he has been pursuing the show's host Caroline Flack.

According to The Sun, the pair left no stones unturned to avoid each other during the Love Island reunion episode, which was hosted by the former X Factor host.

A source told the website, "Tyla and Mike didn't speak once at the reunion party. Even though she looked beautiful in a white dress and was attracting loads of male attention, Mike stayed away from her all night."

The insider revealed it was clear that the former couple were not on speaking terms.

"Everybody noticed they didn't make any contact at all, which was strange considering Tyla had only said the previous week that she wanted to give things with Mike a chance. It was really noticeable that they weren't on good terms anymore," said the source.

Carr even revealed to a close friend of hers that Mike ditched her to pursue host Flack, according to the inside source. The insider was quoted as saying by the gossip website, "Tyla then told pals that she was pretty mad because Mike had ditched her so he could pursue other girls – including Caroline. She wasn't that happy to find out Mike's been sending flirty messages to Caroline.'

The insider also admitted that Tyla wasn't emotionally "invested" in her relationship with the footballer, but was "disappointed" with the abrupt breakup. The insider added, "Tyla also admitted that because it was such early days with Mike, she wasn't really that emotionally invested in him."

caroline flack
Love Island host Caroline Flack ITV

"It was pretty clear she was feeling disappointed but not heartbroken. She had been genuine when she spoke about wanting to pursue a romance with Mike, but when he said he wanted to date other girls, that was a deal breaker for her as she wants a real relationship." continued the source.

"But she's a stunning girl – she'll have no problem attracting guys." Trouble between the two was evident as they were seen sitting on opposite sides of the studio during the Love Island live reunion episode with host Caroline, making things further awkward between the two.