Boy attacked by snake 2
The snake bit Tyler on the side of the head Facebook/Craig Baker

A six-year-old boy was saved from a giant python that bit him in the head after his mother heard his screams for help. Tyler was attacked by the snake in his bedroom in Macksville, New South Wales, Australia, where it is believed the 3m-long reptile bit the boy first on the hand before going for his face.

His mother, Tamara Thurgood, wrote on her Facebook page: "Okay so here it is.... Thursday night at about 11:30 I woke to hear Tyler's painful scream. I jumped out of bed and went to Tyler to find a big effing snake wrapped around the bed head, I grabbed his arm to pull him off the bed but he was stuck. I rolled him and then pulled, he had been bitten on the face and on the finger."

Giant snake attacks boy
A man holds up the giant snake that attacked Tyler Facebook/Craig Baker

It is believed two male relatives came round to the property following the attack and killed the snake, with one posing for a picture next to it and putting it on Facebook, where it was then shared thousands of times alongside a picture of Tyler's snakebite.

Thurgood added: "I said I won't be happy until the snake is dead!!! I'd say both boys were scared but stayed there to make sure they got the bastard that attacked my son."

Okay so here it is.... thursday night at about 11:30 i woke to hear tylers painfull scream, i jumped out of bed and went...

Posted by Tamara Thurgood on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Although pythons have been known to eat humans, they are not believed to be part of their usual prey so instances such as this are rare. Tyler is believed to be doing well following the attack.