A driver was pulled over by police in southern Italy on Saturday after they saw him speaking on two phones at once.

The 43-year-old driver of an Alfa Romeo 166 saloon car, caught in the southern city of Bari, held a handset in each hand and had no control of the steering wheel.

When asked to explain his actions, the man said he was speaking to his wife when his mother called and he could not hang up on either of them, the Corriere Della Sera daily reported.

The man who is a qualified truck driver also admitted to frequently speaking on two handsets while making work-related trips.

Police find the man €152 (£127) and removed five points off his driver's licence.

In Italy, speaking one even one mobile phone while driving is officially banned. Speaker systems should be used instead but the law is commonly broken.

In May, an amateur video of a bus driver in Rome steering with his elbows while using two phones went viral after being posted to YouTube and he was later suspended.