credit: This Morning

A man with a £70,000 bionic penis is "too tired" to have sex despite being propositioned by a bevy of curious women.

Mohammed Abad's 8in prosthetic penis inflates with water when he, or anyone else, presses a button between his testicles. It was grafted with skin from his arm during an operation in 2012. He lost his original penis in a traffic accident when he was a child.

The 44-year-old has been approached online by 50 women eager to test his high tech gland but he has so far rebuffed their advances.

"They've heard about my bionic penis and they want to try it out. They are all very intrigued and think I can make love for hours. It's not that I don't want to... but I have been so busy with work. I work 14-hour shifts every day and by the time I get home I'm just too tired for sex," he told the Daily Star.

Abad made headlines last year when he publicly announced his intention to lose his virginity to an escort. His priority now is to find a wife and he is seeking an arranged marriage with the help of his parents. He said: "We're speaking to a few parties at the moment. I don't care what she looks like – she could be tall, short, thin or fat. I prefer personality to looks. My parents will find me a suitable match."

Abad has undergone 121 operations on his journey to becoming a bionic lover. This year he learnt that he will be unable to have children after doctors failed to extract sperm from his one remaining testicle.