A man has been jailed after the dismembered remains of an Oregan woman were found in suitcases.

28-year-old Sara Zghoul had been decapitated. Her body parts were found inside two suitcases in a black BMW parked on a residential street in Aloha, near Portland, on Thursday night, Oregon Live reports.

The grisley discovery was made after police received a tip-off about a murder and were told a body had been left inside a car in an Aloha neighborhood sparking a search in the area.

An eyewitness told local media that he and his wife were sitting on their balcony when he saw and heard the suspected killer shout for help, prompting them to call for help.

Michael Larsen said: "It was really cold and rainy, and he's just sitting out there leaning against a tree. The tone of his voice when he was yelling, it was very desperate," he added.

The suspect who has not been named fled the scene but auuhorities found him in a ravine near Southwest Murray Boulevard and Southwest Teal Boulevard.

According to Fox12 he tried to slash his own neck and wrists before he was arrested later that evening.

Police said in a statement they would release the suspect's identity 'at a later date'.

Zghoul who had a son, had worked as an actress, a model and a voice-over-artist was described by a friend as a "funny, kind and a great mother."

"She was the kind of person to give you the shirt off her back," said the friend. "Her son, I mean, I don't know if he comprehends that she's never going to come back," another friend told KPTV. "It takes an evil, evil person to do something like that."

The family has declined to comment to local media, Mail Online reports.

Anyone with information about Zghoul's death is asked to call 1-503-846-2700.