A man in Chew Stoke has died in his car after becoming trapped under a bridge as torrential rain and flooding hit the UK last night.

Avon Fire and Rescue service said specialist rescue teams could not reach him in time, and he was pronounced dead before he arrived at hospital.

86 flood warnings have been issued in throughout England, Wales and Scotland and the Met Office have predicted even more misery over the weekend with more heavy rain and strong to gale force winds predicted, which could damage buildings and uproot trees.

They added that gusts of 60-70mph could hit south-eastern coastal counties of England and there is the potential for storm force winds over the English Channel, forecasters say. However, there is uncertainty about where the strongest winds will hit.

And train travel has been severely affected between Devon and Somerset, as 12 separate areas of rail track were impassable, and the line was likely to be closed for the next two days, according to First Great Western spokesperson.

So if you are planning to be out and about this weekend then be careful and check before you travel.

Written and presented by Ann Salter.