Crittenden County Sheriff's Department in Arkansas, United States responded to an alarm being triggered at a historical home in the area on Wednesday. Deputies reached Snowden House in Horseshoe Lake to find 39-year-old Travis Santay Lewis on the property. Lewis was chased by deputies until he jumped into the lake and his body was recovered later. Inside the house, deputies found the body of Martha McKay, whose mother and cousin had been killed by Lewis in 1996.

Crittenden County Sheriff Mike Allen released a statement confirming that his deputies responded to an alarm going off in the home of the influential family. Two deputies reached the property and found the back door of the home open. While checking the home, the deputies witnessed a man jumping out of an upstairs window and running to a parked vehicle.

The suspect tried to drive away but the vehicle got stuck in the yard. Leaving the car behind, the suspect tried to run from the police. Deputies chased him until he jumped into the lake. After entering the water, the man did not resurface.

Upon searching the home, Martha's body was discovered. Neighbours who witnessed the body being removed claimed that Martha had been stabbed or bludgeoned with a hammer, Commercial Appeal reported. Her body has been sent for a post mortem examination which will provide the exact cause of death.

ABC News affiliate KAIT8 reported that Arkansas Game and Fish and Crittenden County Search and Rescue were called to help find the suspect. Using sonar equipment, the suspect's body was located in the waters. Lewis' body was recovered from the lake and was sent for post mortem examination as well.

On September 10, 1996, Martha's mother, Sally Snowden McKay, and Sally's nephew, Lee Baker, were found shot dead. Baker, a popular Memphis blues/rock guitarist, and Sally, a member of the influential Snowden family, were murdered by the then 17-year-old Lewis. Lewis was tried as an adult for the double murder.

Having served 23 years in prison, Lewis was released on parole in 2018.

Much like the plot of a horror movie, Lewis ended up murdering the daughter of one of his first victims. The motive behind the murder remains unknown, as the Sheriff's department continues to investigate the recent murder.

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Woman murdered by man who killed her mother 23 years ago. Reuters