A Brisbane judge said the man's explanation was "not credible". iStock

A man in Australia has been found guilty of possessing and producing child pornography after he was caught with photoshopped images of his stepdaughter engaged in sexual acts.

Along with photoshopping images of the girl at 13 onto images of himself engaging him sex acts with women, he also reportedly created a similarly doctored image of her engaging in bestiality with a dog.

Local reports said that the man had been handed a suspended sentence for touching the girl's genitals as she slept just months before the images were created in 2014.

The Courier-Mail reported that the man was arrested in September 2015 as he returned to Australia from South Africa carrying the images of hard drives.

Despite pleading guilty to four charges, a lawyer for the man claimed that he had created the images because of his strange views on promiscuity after the stepdaughter, then 16, said she was sexually active. The man said that the images were not sexually motivated and were "artwork".

The claim did not sway the judge, who said the explantation was "not credible" and suggested the man may have been "jealous of her interest in other people" adding, that what he had done was "hardly an act of parental concern".

Reports said that the man was sentenced to two years in jail but will be released after 12 months on a good behaviour bond.