Hornet's nest
Hornet's nest did not get sexually assaulted (wiki commons)

IBTimes UK published a story about a man who died having while trying to have sex with a hornet's nest.

Unfortunately it turned out the story was a fake from a satirical news website in Sweden called Nyheterna Sverige, which was kindly pointed out by a number of our readers.

The original story was spawned from animal rights campaigners who were worried about the wellbeing of hornets.

However, the joke got lost in translation - as well the names of those involved. The neighbour's name translates to erection and the fetish expert is called genital.

Thankfully this means a man named Hasse did not get stung to death by hornets after trying to have sex with their nest, and his semen was not found on dead wasps.

His body had not swollen so it resembled a whale and 'Bertil Ståhfrääs' did not "feel heavy and unreal" from finding the 'corpse'.

We are sorry if any readers fell for the story as we did.

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