A man in Sweden is accused of stabbing a relative to death with a pair of scissors in a suspected honour killing, after the deceased allowed his daughters to shake hands with boys.

The victim was stabbed to death in May by the Stensjon lake in Grycksbo, near Falun, according to an indictment seen by European news site The Local.

The victim was "killed by cutting or stabbing with scissors in his neck" and "died from bleeding as a result of the vascular injuries to his throat," according to the prosecutor.

The victim's wife said the older relative had initially demanded that he kill his daughters because their behaviour was a stain on the family's honour.

When the victim refused to do so, the accused then turned to the man's father and demanded that he kill his son.

But he in turn refused to go along with the wishes of the relative.

Eventually the suspect took it upon himself to uphold the family's 'honour' and took his younger relative out to the lake and stabbed him in the neck with the scissors, according to the victim's wife's testimony.

The suspect denies committing murder and says he was only acting in self-defence.

DNA evidence, nine witness interviews and analysis of alcohol in the accused's bloodstream have formed part of the murder investigation.

In July, six people were convicted of murder by Gavle District Court in Sweden after a major honour killing investigation that involved 100 police officers.

Following the death of a man who had had an affair with a married woman, five people were sentenced to life behind bars and a sixth – aged under 21 – was sentenced to 14 years, The Local reports.

Earlier this year in the UK, a teenage Muslim, Celine Dookhran, was allegedly raped and murdered because she had begun a relationship with a man of different ethnic origins.

Her body was found inside a fridge-freezer in a London home in a suspected honour killing.