In a shocking case of honour killing, a Pakistani man allegedly beheaded his wife using a chopper knife after she refused to quit her job despite his repeated demands. Her blood-soaked body was first found by their three children and neighbours on Sunday, 6 August.

According to reports, Afraheem murdered his 37-year-old wife during the weekend after she went for her work refusing to listen to his words. Nasreen was thought to be working as a labourer at a nearby factory.

The incident took place in a small locality called Manga Mandi, about 40kms from Lahore – Pakistan's second-most populous city. The couple's children told the police that their father locked the room when Nasreen was asleep and chopped her head off. Neighbours found the severed head when they entered the house.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident as post-mortem is being carried out on the victim's body. Local authorities, accompanied by forensic experts, rushed to the crime site soon after they were alerted by the victim's children and neighbours.

Officials have also launched a manhunt to catch the suspect, who is still at large.

Saddar Division Superintendent of Police (SP) Maher Mumtaz told Pakistani daily Dawn that preliminary reports suggest this was a case of honour killing – often committed by a family member who believes the victim has brought shame to the entire family.