Tom Harrison, aka Mr Gorilla, is crawling the entire route of the London Marathon to raise money for the The Gorilla Organisation.

By the morning of April 25, around 48 hours after the race winners had completed the course, Harrison was on mile 10 of his gruelling journey. He has documented his route with a series of Twitter posts.

So far, Harrison has raised more than £1,330 of his £1,750 target.

One month ahead of the race, Harrison wrote on his fundraising page that he had practiced crawling "at least twice" – adding "it was most unpleasant".

He posted: "26.2 miles of crawling is going to be absolute purgatory, but, in for a penny and all that. Talking of pennies. Where are yours? Come on, cough up a few for the Gorillas Organisation!"

And two days after the 40,000 runners passed the finish line of the race, Harrison is still going and documented his incredible journey on Twitter.

"Resting at mile 8 on Day 2. I'm not sure why I still have the chip on my shoe as all the mile markers have long gone," he posted. "Lots more pics etc on twitter #MrGorilla #LondonMarathonCrawl."