Manny Pacquiao has revealed a money-spinning rematch against Floyd Mayweather remains a "possibility" — but confirmed they have yet to enter official negotiations. Speculation about a much-discussed second bout between the legendary duo has been rife ever since Pacquiao's lopsided win against Jesse Vargas earlier in November, when Mayweather was sat at ringside.

After the bout in Las Vegas, Pacquaio revealed he had invited Mayweather to the fight and spoke openly about the potential for a follow-up to their record-breaking clash in May 2015. Mayweather, 39, is officially retired from boxing, but Pacquaio thinks there is still a chance he could be lured back into the ring.

"If he comes back into boxing there is a possibility, but right now we are not talking or discussing about that," the WBO welterweight champion said, according to the Daily Mail.

Pacquaio's one-sided win against Vargas marked the end of his own six-month retirement from the sport and while the southpaw admits he still loves boxing, he is unsure how many more times he will fight.

"I don't know when my career will end," Pacquiao confessed amid the speculation of a Mayweather rematch. "I realised I felt lonely inside because... I am no longer active in the sport of boxing. I asked myself if I can still fight, and I decided to come back and continue the journey of my career."

Another possible opponent for Pacquaio is IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook, who has previously admitted he would relish the chance to face the Filipino star. Brook — who was defeated by middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin in September — thinks it would make sense to fight Pacquiao. "I'd love that," he said after Pacquiao's comeback win against Vargas.

"I heard that I inspired him during the Golovkin fight and it makes sense for us to unify the division at welterweight."