Relatives and supporters of Mark Duggan are to march in his memory on the anniversary of the police shooting which sparked the London riots of 2011.

Organisers invited the public to attend the event in Tottenham Hale, where Duggan was killed by a Metropolitan Police firearms officer.

A march will take place to the spot where Duggan died, with the justice4mark campaign, insisting it would be a peaceful demonstration.

Relatives of other people shot dead by police, or who died in custody, are expected to attend the vigil as well.

Spokeswoman Hannah Dee said the focus was not the riots which followed Duggan's death, but on getting to the true of what happened.

She told IBTimes UK: "There's a feeling that the police have a license to kill and people wonder how long before they kill again.

"So many times when someone dies at the hands of police there is not justice. The experience of families is that there are many obstacles confronting them.

"We want to make sure Mark Duggan is not forgotten and nor are the other families affected by police violence forgotten."

Duggan's family are currently challenging the verdict that he was lawful killed, reached by a jury at a coroner's inquest in January. A decision is due in October.