Martha Stewart
The businesswoman and domestic goddess has dished out sex advice to fans.

She is an accomplished businesswoman, TV personality and domestic goddess and now Martha Stewart has given the role of sex guru a try.

The 72-year-old star found herself dishing out bedroom tips when her Q&A with fans on Reddit took a raunchy turn.

During her no-holds barred segment called Ask Me Anything, the TV veteran handled the questions thrown at her with class.

Her best sex tip was: "Always take a bath before and after."

After one fan claimed that having sex in the bath would "kill two birds with one stone" Stewart replied: "That's good too."

But while Stewart was up for sharing her words of wisdom, she pleaded ignorance about particular topics.

"What's a dildo?" she asked when a fan enquired about sex toy etiquette. "When I get my first dildo I'll look up some information."

The mother-of-one, who spent a five months in prison for fraud, also revealed that she was not a fan of tattoos.

"I would not ever, ever deface my body with tattoos," she said.