A film that features an epic war between all the Marvel and DC superheroes is like a geek fantasy. It may have been done in video games and comic books, but a Marvel vs DC live action movie would be just insane.

While it remains a distant dream, one fan, Alex Luthor has gone ahead and given us a glimpse of how that movie would look and he's done a brilliant job. This (below) fan-made trailer of Marvel vs DC is incredible and gives fans exactly what they want.

Superman battling The Hulk, Green Arrow Vs. Hawkeye, Batman fighting Iron Man, Quicksilver battling the Flash; Spidey, Wolverine, The joker, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman - it's all there. YouTube users Alex Luthor and MR88GG have teamed up to create this masterpiece. The video has got over 1.2mn views since it was published on 21 December.

"Maybe in some alternate universe, like the one teased in this trailer, DC and Marvel would put aside their differences and need for box-office glory in favour of something that would send geeks everywhere into a frenzy," states a CinemaBlend report.

Check out the trailer below: