Mass Effect Andromeda N7
The iconic N7 mark returns in Mass Effect Andromeda, but you'll have to get your hands dirty to reclaim it. EA

Mass Effect Andromeda shifts Bioware's sci-fi series to the titular new galaxy of Andromeda, light years away from the Milky Way and the adventures of original trilogy veteran Commander Shepard. Not all traces of the Reaper-beating protagonist have vanished into time and space, however, with Shep's iconic N7 armour available as a secret unlock for new hero Ryder.

Shepard's signature get-up isn't the only N7 gear available in Andromeda either. At the beginning of the PS4, Xbox One and PC franchise reboot, the player avatar's in-game father Alec Ryder is seen wearing a unique "Pathfinder" N7 set earned by completing the top tier of Alliance training.

Both types of N7 armour are available for male or female Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda, with the Pathfinder set a much easier find than Shepard's. Below, we will show you how to claim them both so you can proudly wear the legendary mark of a galactic hero, as well as the stat bonuses for each bit of gear:

Mass Effect Andromeda: Where to find Pathfinder N7 armour

The first step in getting your hands on the Pathfinder helmet, chestplate, legs and arms is heading over to the Research and Development wing on your ship, the Tempest. Each piece requires a fair amount of Iron and Cadmium and a smaller quantity of Omni-gel canisters and Platinum.

The latter is the hardest to find, although the Faroang and Nol systems offer a few planets with the rare element. Once you have enough, simply trade in your materials for each piece.

Alternatively, you can buy the full set from a vendor on the Nexus, but be prepared to sacrifice a lot of credits. Below are the base stats for each piece of Pathfinder gear (can be upgraded):

Pathfinder Helmet

  • +2% Damage Resistance
  • +5% Weapon Accuracy

Pathfinder Chestplate

  • +4% Damage Resistance
  • +5% Weapon Accuracy
  • +15% Power Restoration and Defense

Pathfinder Legs

  • +2% Damage Resistance
  • +5% Weapon Accuracy

Pathfinder Arms

  • +2% Damage Resistance
  • +5% Weapon Accuracy

Mass Effect Andromeda: Where to find Commander Shepard's N7 armour

Unsurprisingly, obtaining the true N7 armour kit is a much trickier affair that requires a fair bit of leg work.

Once again you'll need to head to your squadmate Liam and the nearby R&D terminal. If you've done enough scanning and side-quests you may already see the N7 armour set is filed under the Milky Way galaxy research tab. If not you'll need to get out there and do some recon work.

Not only that, but the N7 armour will cost you 250 Milky Way research points to unlock the initial base set for crafting, with the basic chestplate setting you back 100 research points, while the arms, legs and helmet cost 50 a piece.

To get Milky Way research data you'll need to scan planets from the Tempest's Galaxy Map or environmental objects from Ryder's arm attachment.

You'll then need similar quantities of Omni-gel, Cadmium, Iridium, and Platinum required for the Pathfinder set to actually make the classic armour, and if you want to upgrade it to the highest level for better bonus stats, well... your scanning arm is certainly going to get a workout.

Below are the base stats for the full N7 armour set:

N7 Helmet

  • +2% Max Shields
  • +5% Biotic Power Damage

N7 Chestplate

  • +4 Max Shields
  • +4% Biotic Power Damage
  • +5% Biotic Recharge Speed

N7 Legs

  • +2 Max Shields
  • +3% Biotic Power Damage

N7 Arms

  • +2 Max Shields
  • +3% Biotic Power Damage

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