max clifford
Max Clifford has been jailed for eight years for indecent assault Met Police

A former 'professional mistress' has revealed Max Clifford had sex with her in a toilet specially adapted for his disabled daughter.

Clifford, 71, was jailed for eight years on Friday after being convicted of a string of sex offences.

A jury at Southwark Crown Court found him guilty of eight indecent assaults, which took place on four victims aged 15 to 19 between the years of 1978 and 1984.

44-year-old Sarah Symonds revealed how the convicted sex offender propositioned her at his PR company's Mayfair office after a business meeting.

She said: "The thing that would shock - and sicken - me the most, was when I found out Max Clifford's casting couch would turn out to be his daughter 's specially adapted disabled toilet cubicle. That is something I can't ever forget."

He went on to tell me more disgusting pieces of information about his sex life, as well as enlightening me about his sexual cravings.
- Sarah Symonds

Writing in her column for a Welsh newspaper, Ms Symonds says Clifford boasted about cheating on his wife and showed her explicit pictures of his mistress.

"I won't go into who he told me it was, nor how and why he even had the photo, but take it from me, to say I was shocked would be an understatement. He went on to elaborate about his grimy sex secrets, and the way he operated.

"By now my head was spinning. I didn't know whether to feel flattered that he was confiding this information so soon after meeting me, or completely grossed out at how he disgusting he was.

"He went on to tell me more disgusting pieces of information about his sex life, as well as enlightening me about his sexual cravings. I truly didn't know if he was trying to impress me, flirt with me, or ask for some kind of retribution. It was the most bizarre experience I had ever had, and I've had many.

"I asked him how he'd never 'got caught', and why any of this had never been in the media." He replied: "You will never read anything negative about me, the press need me too much. I have them in the palm of my hand."

"He gave me a personally signed copy of his autobiography to read and also boasted about Rebecca Loos and her story with David Beckham that he handled."I was blown away by what I was hearing, and disappointed that the family-man caring image he put across in the media was all just a sham." she said.

"I realise now, in hindsight, he was grooming me. Unsurprisingly, all the promises of help with my career never ever materialised. It saddens and sickens me to my stomach to this very day."

The judge in the case said Clifford thought he was "untouchable" because of his celebrity links, which enabled him to intimidate his victims into staying silent for more than 30 years.

It was heard that after assaulting the women he would warn that nobody would believe them if they spoke out.

Following the guilty verdict several more women have come forward with allegations of abuse by the disgraced PR expert.

Former dancer Sharon Elliott, 48, revealed she was brutally assaulted by Clifford in a nightclub toilet cubicle 30 years ago.

A third woman revealed that she was abused by the predatory PR guru when she was aged 15.

It was revealed that Clifford protected himself using a "little brown book" crammed with damaging allegations against celebrities as "insurance."

The book is said to contain details of celebrities who had affairs, and a claim from a teenage rent boy that a very high-profile pop star had paid him for sex.

Mr Williams-Thomas said: "He kept it as insurance to protect himself. The more Max knew, the more he could protect himself."

Clifford's downfall makes him the first Operation Yewtree suspect to be convicted.