New York Mayor Bill de Blasio appealed for reconciliation on Sunday in his eulogy for the second of two police officers murdered last month, two deaths that led to accusations the mayor had contributed to an anti-police climate.

Politicians, police brass and other mourners joined family members inside a Brooklyn funeral home to honour Wenjian Liu, believed to be the New York Police Department's first Chinese-American officer killed in the line of duty.

In his speech, the mayor said Liu, and his partner, Rafael Ramos, embodied the best of the city and its dreams. He said the deaths have made New Yorkers more aware of the dangers and fears faced by the city's police officers and their families.

"All of our city is heartbroken today," said de Blasio. "We've seen it these last two weeks, we seen the pain that people feel, from all walks of life. The sense, the appreciation for the sacrifices of this family and of the Ramos family. Their understanding -- people who have never worn a uniform -- of how many dangers our men and women in uniform face and what it means for their families. All of this city is feeling the pain right now, and all of this city wants to lift up the Liu family and the Ramos family."