McDonald's customer Britany Price had a horrid experience while trying to get a meal in Colerain Township, Ohio. McDonald's staff failed to give Price the items which she had ordered. Price returned to complain about the wrong order, which eventually led to an altercation with the manager at the restaurant. The unnamed manager flung a blender at Price, which left her with facial damage.

On September 22, Price had collected her order from the Colerain Township McDonald's. Upon opening the take-away container, Price realised that the drive-through staff had given her the wrong items.

Price returned to the store to get the right order. However, Price claims that McDonald's staff kept "killing time" instead of refilling her drink. Price slowly became agitated with the horrible service from the restaurant employees.

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Footage that was taken by the cameras in the restaurant show Price arguing with the manager of the franchise. Eventually, Price in a fit of rage, flung a "Happy Meal" at the manager who is seen behind the counter. Within moments of Price's outburst, the video shows her getting knocked down to the floor by something thrown by the manager.

In the grainy video, it is slightly unclear what the manager threw at Price. However, Price and other customers present at the restaurant confirmed that it was a blender that the manager used as a weapon.

The video showed a stunned Price trying to get up but failing to do so due to the head trauma. She ended up requiring surgery for a broken nose and a shattered cheekbone. The altercation resulted in Price requiring surgery and multiple visits to the doctor.

A local news channel contacted a McDonald's spokesperson who confirmed that the manager was no longer employed by the company.

The Daily Star shared another incident where a security guard employed at a McDonald's abused some young men who were trying to place an order using the McDonald's app. It appears that modern technology has been instrumental in exposing unruly behaviour exhibited by both customers and restaurant employees.