Blacklist season 4
Plenty of drama is expected from Blacklist season 4 as Liz was kidnapped in season 3 finale NBC

After months of silence, Megan Boone has revealed some good news for her fans eagerly waiting for Blacklist season 4. Apart from announcing the premiere date, the actress shared filming details about the NBC thriller.

The popular drama is set to return for its fourth season on 22 September at 9pm CT on NBC. Boone, who plays Elizabeth Keen in the show, has posted few pictures and videos from the set, teasing episode 1 and 2.

As of now the plot of the upcoming season is unknown as NBC is yet to release the synopsis. However, the outcomes of the finale of season 3 offered few hints regarding Liz's fate and Raymond "Red" Reddington's race to save the woman whom he loves as a daughter.

In the finale, Liz faked her death and fled to Cuba with the 'perfect' plan of a happy life. Tom Keen and her baby daughter Agnes joined her later. However, it was later revealed that Alexander Kirk was constantly watching over him and followed him till Cuba in order to locate Liz.

Red, on the other hand, is devastated to learn that Boone's character is alive. What made him feel worse is that she considered him as a potential threat (considering his history with crime lords) for her baby and took the decision in order to protect Agnes.

The finale ended with Liz and her family being kidnapped by Kirk. The fate of her baby and Tom still remains a mystery. But that wasn't the only shocker, he also revealed himself to be her father, Konstantin Rostov. The upcoming season is expected to lift the curtain on the mystery of Liz's parentage and what happened to her mother, Katarina Rostova. The official poster, released by the network, have the caption "who is your father" and this raises doubts over Kirk's claim.

Until season 3 finale, fans were speculating that Reddington was Liz's father. It will be interesting to see who the father of the former FBI special agent is.

The reunion between Liz and Red will also be a high point as he might try to convince on why he kept her away from Katarina.

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