Meghan Markle's struggle with media attention has made headlines over and over again. However, there was always someone who tried to guide her with it, but the Duchess of Sussex ignored the advice.

According to Daily Mail, the 39-year-old mother-of-one received advice from her mother-in-law, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall but neglected it. The queen-in-standing reportedly tried to mentor Meghan Markle about "how to deal with bad headlines in the media."

The 73-year-old duchess apparently invited Meghan over a private lunch affair before she married Prince Harry. During their conversation, she reportedly opened up to the former Hollywood actress about her experience with media after the death of Princess Diana and how she handled it.

"It is understood she advised Meghan to focus on the positives of her new role in the Royal Family and 'ride out the storm' of any negative press," the publication notes.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is said to have given the similar advice to his son Prince Harry. The publication's report is contradictory to Meghan's remarks in the ITV documentary wherein she claimed that she received "little support" from her royal family.

A friend of Meghan revealed that Meghan and Camilla shared a few similar experiences particularly related to "negative press and hostility from courtiers due to her relationship with Charles when he was still married to Diana." Therefore, the Duchess of Cornwall has been "very sensitive" to daughter-in-law and provided "her with support." Unfortunately, Meghan did not "listen" to her.

However, Meghan is grateful to the duchess for her support. "Meg was really grateful to Camilla who was very supportive and invited her out for private lunches, particularly around the time of her marriage. She listened to her and understood that it's really difficult joining the Royal Family from an otherwise 'normal' life," the friend revealed.

Camilla had been romantically involved with the Prince of Wales even when he was still married to Princess Diana. Therefore, their relationship became highly publicised. And Charles' decision of marrying Camilla attracted worldwide scrutiny.

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker Bowles
Kate Middleton (R) and Camilla Parker Bowles during the Trooping the Colour at The Mall on 11 June, 2016 in London, England Getty

Meanwhile, Meghan was not the only one to receive lessons from her mother-in-law. Before her marriage, Kate Middleton was also invited to lunch and offered similar advice. "She tries very hard to make people welcome and help them find their feet, and has done so for many years," a palace aide said of the Duchess of Cornwall.