A book author claimed that at one point during a royal tour, Meghan Markle got so angry at Prince Harry that she took her frustration out on her staff.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex allegedly fostered a culture of bullying. Biographer Tom Bower specifically named the former "Suits" star as being a bully to her aides.

In his book "Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the War Between the Windsors" which comes out on July 21, he claimed that Meghan Markle mistreated palace staff. She was "abrasive" and "demanding."

"Meghan was allegedly abrasive towards her four female staff and even towards the local British diplomats," Bower wrote as quoted by the Mirror.

At one point, she got so frustrated by Prince Harry that she "threw a cup of tea into the air." This reportedly happened during one of their royal tours. The author claimed that her anger is "partly fuelled" by the Duke of Sussex.

Bower explained, "Every night he trawled social media, searching for snide comments on the internet. Every morning he and Meghan turned on their phones to surf the internet."

He alleged that the Duchess of Sussex became "fragile" and sensitive. She became easily "inflamed by the slightest criticism." She and Prince Harry have reportedly also "bombarded their staff with demands for retribution and removal of the criticism."

Bower did not share specific details about the alleged bullying and which royal tour the "tea-throwing" happened. But accusations of bullying were brought up last year by palace staff via Jason Knauff, the former press secretary of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The bullying reportedly happened in 2018 while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex lived at Kensington Palace. It is said that she bullied aides and some had to resign. She also made others cry and feel humiliated.

A lawyer for the couple called the allegations a "calculated smear campaign." Meghan Markle has since denied that she is a bully but instead claimed that she is a victim of bullying herself. Queen Elizabeth II eventually opened an investigation into the bullying claims. The probe has been completed but the findings will remain private. Buckingham Palace announced that the report prompted a change in H.R. policies and procedures.

Meghan Markle
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