Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continue to make headlines for the wrong reasons ever since they left their royal duties in 2020. Tom Bower's book on the Duchess of Sussex only adds fuel to the burning criticism against her, but it has reportedly only made her even more determined to defend herself.

"Revenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the Windsors" painted a negative profile of the former "Suits" actress, one who is "manipulative" and "unpleasant" to people. It has allegedly made her unhappy and stressed.

A source told Heat magazine that Meghan Markle "feels the book is very nasty and uncalled for." However awful it is, it reportedly does not make her belittle herself.

The insider added, "It's made her all the more determined to stand up for herself, but equally this is a sharp reminder that they have a colossal amount of repair work to do if this narrative is ever going to go away."

The source shared that despite "their bravado and stubbornness," the Duke and Duchess of Sussex "do not want to be at war with the world forever and there's a lot that hasn't come out yet. This book is pretty savage, but the worry is that it's just the tip of the iceberg."

The couple has yet to share their thoughts on Bower's work. The unauthorised book made serious accusations against the mother-of-two. These include allegations that she bullied palace staff and is the reason behind the rift between Prince Harry and his brother Prince William.

The author claimed that the duchess controlled the narrative in her story with the British royal family and played the victim. This has reportedly led to tension in the family, especially between the brothers.

Moreover, Bower said that Meghan Markle lied about being estranged from her father, Thomas Sr. She allegedly shut down his offers to see her, Prince Harry, and their children and told him to lie low to avoid courting drama. The source said that the couple has a "clear choice," either "they stand up and fight back or soak it up and hope it all goes away in time while taking the high road."

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Oprah interview
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle during their Oprah interview in March 2021 CBS Mornings/YouTube