Meghan Markle is said to be preparing for the worst at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. A source said that she plans to walk out if she and Prince Harry get the eye roll and snide remarks.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to steal the spotlight away from Queen Elizabeth II so they want to keep a low profile. However, she has allegedly already warned the duke that he "has to put her first and take no nonsense on the trip."

The source, who is said to be a friend of the former "Suits" actress, told Heat magazine, "She's fully aware that they'll be walking into the lion's den when they arrive in the UK. She knows how important it is to Harry that she's there at his side, but coming face-to-face with certain members of The Firm – who she claimed made their lives a misery – is a horrible prospect."

The insider claimed that Meghan Markle "will not tolerate any eye-rolling, snide put-downs or mean-spirited behaviour towards her or Harry." She reportedly "wants to know, if it came to it, that Harry's prepared to step up and be that same protective partner he was during their time in England." She wants her husband "to promise he'll pack up and leave if they're disrespected."

However, the Duke of Sussex has reportedly been assured by his family that the Platinum Jubilee celebrations will be "a harmonious get-together." It is said that he has already told his wife about this because everyone wants to "begin the healing process by honouring Her Majesty's celebration together, without any fighting."

Yet, the Duchess of Sussex still "can't believe that they won't be walking on eggshells the entire time." On his part, the source said that the 37-year-old is also "prepared to stand his ground and handle whatever needs handling." He reportedly would not allow anyone to upset his wife and if it comes to leaving, then he will be "by her side."

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle confirmed they will be at the Platinum Jubilee celebrations with their children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 11 months. It is understood they will attend private gatherings and will not be part of the Buckingham Palace balcony appearance.

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Senior royals including Harry's father Prince Charles (L) and brother Prince William (R) will attend the crisis meeting with the Queen Photo: AFP / Tolga AKMEN