Meghan Markle is reportedly looking forward to getting pregnant with her third child with Prince Harry because she knows that the baby could help mend their relationship with the royals, especially with King Charles III.

The former "Suits" star is allegedly trying to gain the royal family's trust and forgiveness. She thinks one sure way would be another royal baby because His Majesty is fond of his grandchildren.

A source told Woman's Day in its Nov. 14 issue, "Meghan and Harry have had a big few months attacking the royals and then trying to take back a few things. On the whole, their strategy has been a bit of a mess, especially when you include the Queen's death."

The insider added, "If Meghan and Harry were to become parents again in that next nine months or so, their hope would be that the royal family, especially Charles who is a sucker for his grandkids, might forgive them."

In Meghan Markle's mind, the "best revenge for all her perceived problems with the family would be for them to be forced to welcome her back, this time, on her terms."

Meanwhile, another source claimed that a third baby with Prince Harry will help the Duchess of Sussex be more relatable to others, saying, "There's no denying that Meghan wants to reposition herself in a softer light. In her recent interview with Variety, she presented herself as just a regular cool mum. Having a third baby would only help this along."

As for the Duke of Sussex, he was reportedly "stunned" when his wife suggested they go for a third child. He thought about the challenges they faced in having Archie and Lilibet, and is worried about her health given that she suffered a miscarriage. He may adore "being a dad and is open to the idea of a third child, but he does worry for her."

However, claims that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are planning to have a third baby remain unconfirmed. The Duke of Sussex once pledged to conservationist Jane Goodall that he and his wife will have two kids "maximum" to help the planet thrive for the generations to come.

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Prince William Prince Harry Meghan Markle and Prince Charles. Photo: Getty Images/Richard Pohle Getty Images/Richard Pohle