Charles Dance thinks that if Lord Louis Mountbatten was still alive today then he would be devastated with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle abandoning their roles as senior royals.

The 74-year-old English actor, who plays the role of Lord Louis Mountbatten in the Netflix show "The Crown," said the royal would be "in despair" about Megxit because he "was a traditionalist."

"He was very proud of the monarchy, very proud of his royal line," Dance told Page Six. He called Lord Louis "almost the last of his kind" from "that generation that accepted that there was a way to behave. 'This is the way to behave.'"

Lord Louis, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, was a maternal uncle to the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He was also the second cousin once removed of Queen Elizabeth II. He was born on June 25 at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor, where interestingly, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle lived when they were still working royals.

He lived to see The British monarch's children grow up to their early 30s until his assassination by the IRA in Ireland in 1979. It is said that "The Crown" will use the assassination as a plot point for Prince Charles' romance with Princess Diana. Lord Louis was a man of honour who served his country well and he even mentored the Prince of Wales. He was his "honorary grandfather" who counselled him on potential relationships.

Aside from talking about his role in the drama, Dance also shares his thoughts on criticism about the show being "romanticised." He admitted that he has no problem with it because he believes in screenwriter Peter Morgan's storytelling.

"He's documenting the life of a woman in an institution that is rapidly changing in an empire; that from the time she took the throne was in decline. And a lot of that is very well-documented. Peter, with the research that he has and from that the opinions he feels able to have, can write what are essentially fictional scenes within the kind of documentary nature of the series. But you know, nobody set out to make a documentary," he explained.

"The Crown" is currently in production on its fifth season. Joining Dance in the series are Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana, and Dominic West, as Prince Charles.

Charles Dance
Charles Dance attends the Vamos Cuba! VIP evening at the Sadler's Wells Theatre on 2 August 2016 Chris Jackson/Getty Images