Meghan Markle and US President Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump were allegedly friends until 2016. The critics feel that this information was deliberately left out from the much talked about the biography of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

"Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Family" by Carolyn Durand and Omid Scobie released last week, and instantly gained enormous traction particularly by critics. A royal commentator Craig Brown reviewed the book that claims to offer an insight into the royal life of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and what led them to take an independent path.

Writing for the Daily Mail, Craig Brown noted that in the biography Andrew Morton talked about how Meghan Markle met Ivanka Trump who was the former's "female idol." It is said that Meghan was "thrilled when she accepted her invitation to meet for drinks and dinner the next time Meghan was in New York." As mentioned by the writer, the two seemingly enjoyed an intimate friendship. He mentions Meghan's now-defunct blog "The Tig" where she reportedly gushed about Ivanka.

"'When we have drinks, I will make sure I order whatever she does – because this woman seems to have the formula for success and happiness down pat," Meghan wrote.

However, Brown suggests that the "authors of Finding Freedom conveniently airbrush Ivanka from the record."

Brown suggests it could be because they are "perhaps fearful that the Trump formula for success and happiness might jar against Harry and Meghan's new mission to 'build a humanitarian legacy that will make a profound difference in the world."

In addition, the royal commentator suggests that despite the authors' claim of royals' zero participation in the book, it appears to be otherwise. Brown reveals that the book drops several hints of Meghan and Prince Harry's involvement. He even points out the mention of the "rule" that members of the British royal family are not allowed to "authorise a biography."

"But why say 'as a rule' or 'officially' if you are not signaling an exception?" Brown suggests.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
The couple are said to have relocated to California by private jet earlier this month. Photo: AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS

"Finding Freedom" released on Tuesday, August 11. The authors claim that the book was written with the participation of those close to the couple and the Sussexes were not interviewed for the book.