Jeremy Irons compared the struggles of Meghan Markle with the British royals to the experiences of Patrizia Reggiani with the Gucci family.

The English actor and activist shared his thoughts on the royals during an interview about his recent film "House of Gucci." In the movie, he plays the patriarch of the Gucci family, Rodolfo. He is the father of Maurizio, played by Adam Driver. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga portrays Reggiani, who eventually plotted to kill her husband.

Irons said he sympathises with the Duchess of Sussex and her struggles trying to fit into The Firm. He said he is reminded of the story of Reggiani, who became a member of the Gucci empire when she married Maurizio. Meanwhile, the former "Suits" star married Prince Harry, the youngest son of Prince Charles and the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II.

"I sometimes think Meghan is a bit of a Patrizia," he told The Evening Standard adding "She's moving into a different way of life, a different class, a different nationality and trying to do her best and it is not working, which I think is a huge shame for our monarchy."

The Duchess of Sussex's journey with the British royals did not end well, to say the least. She and Prince Harry stepped back from their senior roles in March 2020 and isolated themselves from the family. They now live with their two children Archie and Lilibet in Santa Barbara, California.

They have become financially independent too. They now run their own non-profit organisation, Archewell Foundation, and made multi-million deals with Netflix and Spotify to produce original inspiring content. It is said that their exit, dubbed Megxit, brought tensions and problems to the royal household especially with Prince Charles and Prince William. Prince Harry has reportedly not spoken to his father since April and his brother has refused to accept his calls.

Irons did not dwell on the subject of Meghan Markle for long, but he concluded that the Duchess of Sussex and Reggiani share a "parallel story." They are both outsiders from humble beginnings who tried to break into and change an already established family.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, President of The Princes Trust, chats to Joan Collins and Jeremy Irons AFP/Getty Images