Mexican singer and national celebrity Thalia has revealed the secret to her youthful looks is no less than 50 orgasms a night – stunning television audiences in the Latin American nation.

The singer, author, actress and businesswoman has built a personal brand around her provocative character, but her latest revelation has caught the imagination of the Mexican public like never before.

Thalia attributed the unique beauty regimen to the advice of sexologist Nancy Alvarez. She explained that over the course of a broadcast interview she had picked up a few pointers, the Mirror reports.

"I was working on a radio programme where Nancy gave advice and well, she gave me some marvellous tips too," the singer said, adding she had acted on the information. "I did and now, it's the reason I've stayed young and beautiful."

Her fans, who are looking to emulate her example, are wondering how the star achieves the feat. Her husband Tommy Mottola, an American music executive, is 63-years-old.