Boyz II Men, Jagged Edge and Damage are the boy bands who came before them but British group MiC LOWRY are putting a modern spin on classic r'n'b and soul. The talented five-piece are making waves on the music scene and have already performed on the world's biggest stage at Glastonbury festival.

The group, comprising of Michael Welch, Akia Jones, Kaine Ofoeme, Delleile Ankrah and Ben Sharples, hail from Liverpool and pride themselves on their seamless harmonies and raw vocals. In fact they are so impressive, their debut EP, The Show, soared to number one on the UK r'n'b iTunes chart.

In the middle of their UK tour, the IBTimes UK spoke to MiC LOWRY about their proudest career moment to date – performing at Glastonbury festival in 2015. Recalling the moment, Welch said: "That was the best moment. The whole day was good because we got to perform and that was amazing. A whole set in the middle of Glastonbury. It was right next to the Pyramid stage, there was a camp fire with The Who on, the sunset was on in the background. I was getting so emotional." Fellow group member Jones chimed in: "[It was a] bucket list moment."

With their classic sound and emphasis on vocal artistry, MiC LOWRY are certainly different to most of the other groups on the current music scene. Explaining why they stand out, Sharples said: "There is a lot of influence from those late '90s groups but ours has got a modern British twist on things." Ofoeme added: "We were talking to an American yesterday and he was saying he loves the British vibe that we bring."

MiC LOWRY have released several tracks including the popular Supermodels and medleys of songs from the likes of Beyonce and Amy Winehouse. However, the group state they enjoy nothing more than performing on stage and interacting with their fans. Sharples admitted: "The live performance is probably our favourite part of the job definitely. Getting the reaction from the crowd, it doesn't get better than being on stage."

Watch MiC LOWRY perform at Glastonbury 2015: