Only a "miracle" can save Michael Schumacher, the family of the stricken Formula One legend have been told, say reports.

According to a source who claims to be close to the Schumacher family, they have been told that the prognosis for the 45-year-old is grave.

The seven-times Formula One chion remains in a coma since sustaining terrible head injuries in a crash while skiing on the slopes of Meribel ski resort in the French Alps, late last year.

Since falling unconcious the race ace has battled a lung infection, while his family suffered a cruel internet death hoax, which prompted doctors treating him at Grenoble University hospital to break their silence to issue a denial.

A senior German reporter said: "The family has been told that only a miracle can bring him back now. He is in a bad way but until the family issues a formal statement, we cannot publish anything."

This gloomy prediction was echoed by another source which the Telegraph reported as saying: "Doctors have given it to them straight. Miracles sometimes happen but there is little hope that he will come out of this."

The pessimistic prognosis fly in the face of official pronouncements from Schumacher's inner circle. In the latest update from family spokesman Sabine Kehm, speaking on behalf of his wife Corinna and his brother, Ralf Schumacher, she strongly rebutted claims doctors had given up on the wake up process to lift the race ace from his coma.

Dismissing the reports as "not valid", Kehm said: "Michael is still in the wake up phase. The situation has not changed. Any medical information published which is not confirmed by the team of doctors treating Michael or his management has to be considered as not valid."

Earlier this week, the president of Ferrari said Schumacher needed "support and affection from everyone." Luca Cordeo di Montezemolo said: "What's happened to him was a real shock to me, after all the events we shared and a great affection still remains. Michael at the moment needs that affection and support from everyone."

Schumacher restored Ferrari's Formula One pride by winning five back-to-back world championships from 2000. Luca Cordeo di Montezemolo said: "