Michael Weatherly
Michael Weatherly as Dr Jason Bull in CBS drama CBS

Michael Weatherly is currently busy filming for his upcoming show titled Bull, which is set to premiere on the CBS Network on 20 September at 9pm EST. The actor quit the hit series NCIS after 13 seasons to play Dr Jason Bull for the same network.

Weatherly took to Twitter to share an image from the sets of his upcoming show, which features a chair with the word "Bull" written on it and a half-eaten apple placed on the seat. He captioned the photo, "Apple for teacher".

The 48-year-old actor also tweeted a video of his days as Tony Dinozzo in NCIS. In a nostalgic post, he wrote, "This NCIS Double Negative scene. Ah, the old days. Tony doing dumb/smart. I wonder if Bull knows misdirection?"

The tweet consists of a video that shows Tony playing a game inside the interrogation room, as a fellow suspect asks curiously, "So like... you don't got no questions for me? To which Dinozzo replies, "That's a double negative," and explains, "'Don't', 'got no' it's a double negative. It's a non-standard use of two negative words use in a same sentence. [They] cancel each other out and create a positive." Looks like Weatherly is after all missing his days of playing Tony in NCIS.

According to the official description of Bull, Michael will play iconoclastic Dr Jason Bull, based on the early career of Dr Phil McGraw. The show "is inspired by the talk show host, during his days as head of one of the most prolific trial consulting services of all time. His character is described as having a physicality and feral intelligence that make him magnetic to women and a bruising candor. He is the head of a company that analyzes juries to help develop defense strategies."

Other series regulars include Freddy Rodriguez who will play Benny, Bull's former brother-in-law and the only lawyer in the team. Actor Geneva Carr will play Marissa, a psychologist, neurolinguistics expert and licensed sex therapist working on Dr Bull's team; and Chris Jackson will play Chunk, a stylist on the team who helps prepare defendants for trial.