Michelle Duggar
Michelle Duggar along with her daughters TLC

Michelle Duggar has reportedly broken down after TLC cancelled the controversial show 19 Kids and Counting.

The mother of 19 children is having a hard time accepting the fact that her family will not be able to enjoy the celebrity spotlight they earlier did, according to In Touch Weekly.

Moreover, the Duggar matriarch wrote on the family's website: "Feelings of being overwhelmed flooded my mind. I cried aloud, 'LORD I NEED YOUR HELP, I can't do it all! I feel so inadequate!' Diapers, dishes, laundry, meals, clean up, school lessons, baths, hugs, kisses, correction...My list seemed to go on and on."

Since TLC pulled the show off air, post the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal coming to light, the evangelical Christian family has lost a lot to money and their sponsors in the process.

However, not all has been lost by the family as they do have some saviours and fans who are supportive. The reality TV star spoke of her children's piano teacher, who offered to help her out with the laundry twice a week.

The entire Duggar family is trying to rise from the aftermath of the show's cancellation. Jim Bob and his sons have started Duggar Studio and are offering glimpses into the family's life on their private YouTube channel.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald are reportedly working as missionaries and are working on documentaries, chronicling their everyday life overseas.

Ben, however has invited sharp criticism for calling "believing in evolution" as a racist idea. In a new clip, Ben can be seen telling his friend Dante Berry, "There's been a lot of, like, tension in America... Between, like, blacks and whites, and in the media, too. There's been all these reports and, like, 'race war' and, you know, going on and everything, and these killings and people saying, 'Hey, we're trying to start a race war?' How should we respond to that as Christians?"

Jessa's husband also continued his argument by saying, "There's no room for racism in Christianity. That all comes from the Devil. That all comes from, like, this false religion out here, evolution, that stuff? Teaching that, like, some people are 'more evolved'?"

His answer drew ire from fans who tagged him "ignorant about science". "Evolution is not the reason or the cause for racism. My goodness. Ben, you might want to read a science book and take a break from the Bible interpretation," one YouTube user wrote.