Michelle Keegan has given an empowering interview to Women's Health, claiming that she is delighted with her one-stone weight gain as she was previously "too bony."

The former Coronation Street star is sending out a positive message regarding body image and confidence, oozing self-love in her latest shoot for the glossy mag.

The Our Girl star looked sensational as she stripped down to a pair of black pants and a white sports bra with her toned abs on full display as she smiled widely for the camera.

The 30-year-old actress from Stockport – who was voted FHM's Sexiest Woman in The World in 2015 – proudly showcased her figure in a behind-the-scenes clip shared on the publication's Instagram account.

Opening up about her fuller figure, Keegan said:"I've put on a stone and feel it everywhere.

"I've been away [filming Our Girl] for so long and I haven't had time to work out, and I literally landed two days ago and now I'm kicking myself and thinking, 'Why didn't I just eat healthily while I was away?'

"But you know what, I think I needed to put on a bit of weight. I was a bit bony," she added, realising it was probably for the best.

Watch Michelle Keegan in the behind-the-scenes clip:

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Keegan has been apart from husband Mark Wright in the likes of Malaysia while filming the third series of the army drama, and claimed that she gets self-conscious about wearing skimpy outfits on screen.

She added: "You can hide behind your character when you're acting – you're not being yourself.

"I'm a normal girl at the end of the day and when I'm standing there in a bikini or teeny-tiny clothes I'm like, 'Oh God!'"

On being away from her husband of two years, Keegan said: "It's really hard. But we FaceTime and speak, like, all day every day.


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"That's what keeps me sane. But you know what, I know I'm really lucky. I have to pinch myself all the time."

Keegan – who has been taking a low-profile on social media in recent months – is said to be joining husband Wright in LA at the end of the year following their testing year of a long-distance marriage.

Wright appears to be keeping himself occupied across the pond, meeting and working with big stars including Channing Tatum, Ryan Seacrest and Margot Robbie.

Keegan's career has gone from strength-to-strength since departing Coronation Street in 2014 after playing Tina McIntyre for six years. She has gone on to star in BBC drama series Ordinary Lies, ITV drama series Tina and Bobby and the hugely successful Our Girl.