Halo5 2014 release confirm

Microsoft recently released a list of upcoming Xbox One games for 2014 but disappointed fans by not making any mention of the next Halo game in that announcement.

However, the company has set things right by revealing that the next Halo game will definitely be coming in 2014.

The confirmation came in the form of tweets from the public relations office, which can be found below.

"Xbox Wire today mentioned a few 2014 titles; Halo on Xbox One not listed due to official name of the next title not announced yet," Semsey said. "Rest assured your next Halo journey WILL begin in 2014," Semsey added.

The information about upcoming games was released in a blog post in which the Microsoft went on to detail that it sold 3 million units of the Xbox One in 2013.

Semsey did not disclose any details on whether the next Halo game will be a spin-off featuring Master Chief or Halo 5 itself. There is a lot of speculation that it might be the latter.

Recently, Xbox Australia's Facebook account made a post confirming that the Xbox One game which was unveiled during E3 2013 will in fact be Halo 5.

However, the post was removed later. Microsoft said that it was an error, adding that it had no information to share at this point of time. You can read more about it here.

Microsoft's Halo (Xbox One exclusive) will face off against Naughty Dog's Uncharted (PS4 Exclusive), since both these games are one of the most popular exclusives on their respective next-gen consoles.