Microsoft is currently taking pre-orders for its flagships Lumia 950 and 950 XL, the first Windows 10 Lumia devices, via its online retail stores in the UK. The 5.2in Lumia 950 model costs £449.99 for a 32GB storage variant, whereas its large-screen edition, 950 XL, is priced at £529.99.

As of now only the white models of the Lumia duos are available for order. Microsoft is quoting 3 December as the shipment date. The release date, confirmed by Microsoft as some time in December, is in line with the rollout of Windows 10 Mobile.

If you are looking for a black model, you can register to get notified about the availability. In the box you should be getting a user guide, a battery, a charger and a USB cable alongside the phone.

Other retailers in the country such as Clove and Expansys are the first ones to announce their price deals. Clove has just listed the Lumia 950 at £499 and the 950 XL at £549, although it says the official price and availability are yet to be confirmed and has not opened up pre-orders. Expansys, on the other hand, is quoting similar prices for the handset. An unlocked 950 XL model at Expansys costs 540, whereas the 950 comes for £475.

Among others, high-street retailer Carphone Warehouse has confirmed that it will be selling the Lumia phones once they become available in the country, so also online retailer Unlocked Mobiles. Prospective buyers can register their interest at its site.

UK Microsoft Store: Lumia 950 ll 950 XL