Now that the PS5 is out in the open, there has been a renewed upsurge of interest for Sony's upcoming offerings. Unlike the Xbox Series X, which was revealed as a single flagship powerhouse on paper, its rival is presenting more options for consumers. Instead of marketing just one model, the addition of the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, came as a pleasant surprise for some gamers. However, it seems Microsoft has another ace up its sleeve as hinted by a patent document it filed recently.

The information was taken from a trademark document submitted by the manufacturer to the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month. It appears to be for a product identified only as Xbox Series without the "X" at the end. According to Tom's Guide, this might be for the previously rumoured Project Lockheart model, which was speculated to be a cheaper version of the next-generation game system.

In an earlier application for the Xbox Series X logo, reports noted that the graphics were arranged in a way that it's easy for Microsoft to remove or swap another letter to denote another model. Meanwhile, Sony's decision to introduce a disc-free option means that there has been a substantial increase in consumers who prefer to purchase their games in digital form only. In fact, many can recall the release of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in 2019, which might be what inspired it.

Last year, benchmark test results from AMD were allegedly leaked online. The placeholders for the numbers were linked to several devices including the PS5 and Xbox Series X (which was known as Project Scarlett at the time). Gaming industry pundits quickly pointed out that there was another set of data which suggested the existence of another console, albeit with less powerful specs.

Xbox Series X makes its debut
Microsoft surprised those watching The Video Game Awards 2019 with the reveal of the Xbox Series X. Photo: Microsoft

After Microsoft's highly criticised gaming showcase last month, Sony evidently took the opportunity to steal the spotlight with its own gameplay presentation last week which ended with the PS5 reveal. The former's next major event is slated for July, wherein it promised to flaunt previews and in-depth coverage of its first-party titles. Who knows, perhaps it will unveil something totally unexpected as well.